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Zirconia Foam Filter for Cast Copper

The basic materials of foam ceramic filters are silicon carbide, zirconia and alumina. What we mainly introduce today is the zirconia foam filter for cast copper.

Why should we use ceramic foam filters?

Zirconia foam ceramic filter for cast copper has excellent filtering effect on metal solution. Using the three-dimensional structure, oxide inclusions and other non-metallic inclusions are effectively removed by blocking capture adsorption. Regardless of the material of the metal, the product quality will yield satisfactory results.

The basic material of zirconia foam filter is zirconia ZrO2. The heat-resistant temperature of zirconia filter mesh is higher than about 1760℃, and it has very high strength and excellent high temperature impact force. Therefore, it can be mainly used in the production process of steel castings.

zirconia foam filter for cast copper

Zirconia Foam Filter for Steel Castings

Cast steel parts require high strength and elongation requirements. Steel castings are therefore very sensitive to defects caused by impurities. Zirconia foam ceramic filters can effectively remove impurities that cause product quality defects. Improve casting surface quality and mechanical properties, reduce scrap rate.

The foam ceramic filter can make the molten steel fill the cavity more uniformly, and the molten metal has a higher tendency to turbulent flow during pouring. The turbulent flow after passing through the zirconia foam ceramic filter three-dimensional pore structure is converted into a very stable laminar flow. The laminar flow fills the cavity better, thereby reducing the impact corrosion of the casting cavity by the metal solution. Significantly reduces scrap rates.

In addition, there are also many customers who use zirconia foam filters for cast copper. Although the copper casting process operates at a much lower temperature than steel, this is what makes the zirconia foam filter more durable. Therefore, it can also help you save economic benefits.

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