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Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters Material and Application


The basic material of zirconia ceramic foam filter is zirconia ZrO2, which has very high strength and excellent high-temperature impact force. The heat resistance temperature of zirconia ceramic foam filter is about 1760℃. Let’s take a look at the zirconia ceramic foam filters material and application.

Steel castings are very sensitive to defects caused by impurities. The excellent characteristics of zirconia filters can finally effectively remove impurities that cause product quality defects, improve the quality and mechanical properties of the casting surface, and reduce the waste rate. Zirconia can effectively remove these Impurities, impurities are mainly composed of non-metallic particles, slag, fragments of refractory materials.

zirconia ceramic foam filter

The filter screen can make the molten steel fill the chamber more uniformly, and the melt turbulent flow trend is high during pouring. The turbulent flow through the three-dimensional pore structure of the filter screen is finally converted into a very stable laminar flow, and the laminar flow can fill the cavity better, reducing The impact of corrosion of the metal solution on the casting cavity significantly reduces the waste rate.

Application of Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters:

Zirconia foam ceramic filter has an obvious filtering effect on carbon steel, stainless steel, cobalt-based nickel-based superalloy, and other steel grades. At the same time, it meets the requirements of manual modeling and more efficient mechanized production lines. With excellent raw materials and advanced production technology, it ensures that the filter has a stable dimensional tolerance. Ensure that the product quality of the foundry meets the requirements of international quality standards.