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What is the Value of Molten Aluminum Filter Mesh?

The molten aluminum filter mesh is made by special weaving and post-processing. It has advanced technology and stable quality. It is often used in the casting process.

The molten aluminum filters can filter automobiles, motorcycle wheels, cylinder pistons, and other aluminum castings. Such as aluminum rods, aluminum ingots, aluminum plates, and various aluminum alloy spare parts.

fiberglass filter meshFeatures of Molten Aluminum Filter Mesh:

The aluminum filter mesh has a hat, round, rectangle, square, bowl, heart, and other types.

Molten aluminum filters have the characteristics of standard size, good filtration accuracy, and convenient use. Compared with ordinary barbed wire, it will not have any effect on the molten aluminum composition. It can keep the molten aluminum pure. It has adsorption performance to achieve better filtering and slag removal effect.

Compared with other filters, molten aluminum filters is inexpensive and easy to use. The filter residue has a good effect and low gas generation. It also has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and ablation resistance. It has good chemical stability and good steel strength.

Molten aluminum filters can be used to filter and purify various metal melts. It can eliminate pores, slag holes, and sand holes in castings. It can improve the casting quality and mechanical properties. The molten aluminum filter changes the graphite morphology, making the graphite smaller in size, thinner in thickness, and slightly curved. It can change the machining performance and improve the processing efficiency.

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