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What is the Use of Ceramic Foam Filter

The ceramic foam filter is a new type of filter developed in the past ten or twenty years. Through the use of ceramic foam filter, the inclusions in the molten metal can be effectively removed or reduced, the purity of the molten metal can be improved, and the molten metal can be cast. The surface of the casting is smooth, the structure is uniform, the strength is increased, the scrap rate is reduced, the machining loss is further reduced, and the labor productivity is improved.

the use of ceramic foam filter

This product is mainly used for metal casting filtration in the foundry industry and is suitable for casting of cast steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, alloy, non-ferrous metal castings, and large castings. Therefore, the products are widely used in the casting of various castings in the machinery manufacturing industries such as automobiles, shipbuilding, locomotives, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aviation, aerospace, machine tools, electrical appliances, engineering pipelines, valves, and pipe fittings. Since the solid slag such as metal oxides contained in the molten metal is filtered by the foam ceramic filter during the casting process, the quality and yield of the casting are improved, so the use of the foam ceramic filter promotes the technological progress of the foundry industry.