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What is the Function of Aluminum Liquid Filter Plates?

The aluminum liquid filter plate is composed of numerous uniform micropores. When the fluid passes through these tiny pores, suspended matter, colloidal particles, and macromolecular organic matter are trapped on the surface of the filter medium. The fluid passes through the microporous channel to produce various physical effects, achieving the results of mechanical screening, purification, diffusion, and fluidization.

SEFU company supplies you with aluminum liquid filter plates. It is a high-temperature resistant filter material used in aluminum processing. It can be used in production sites such as aluminum rods, automobile wheels, and auto parts processing.

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What is the function of aluminum liquid filter plates?

• It can effectively eradicate large inclusions in molten aluminum.

• It can remove the slight inclusions of several micrometers in the molten aluminum that the conventional process cannot do. Since the fine inclusions are filtered out, the effective number of crystal nuclei in the molten aluminum is reduced, so that the molten aluminum can grow nuclei under a relatively large supercooling condition. The coagulation time is shortened and the tissue is refined.

• Reduce the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum. Hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed on some oxidized inclusions, and the oxidized inclusions can become bubble growth cores, so filtering out the inclusions also removes the gas on them.

• By adsorption. The content of harmful elements Na K in molten aluminum can be removed.

SEFU’s aluminum liquid filter plate is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and high mechanical strength. It does not dissolve harmful substances and will not produce secondary pollution. Under the action of fluid pressure, the micropores are not deformed. It is easy to clean and regenerate and has a long service life.

We have made great demands on the quality control of each filter plate. We wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality products and services. Welcome to visit our factory to discuss cooperation.