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What is the Effect of Using Casting Filter Mesh?

Casting filter mesh is corrosion-resistant, high-strength, and impact-resistant. The thickness, density of the filter mesh can adjust the accuracy of the filter. What is the effect of using a cast filter? Let’s take a look with me.

What is the effect of using casting filter

The effect of using casting filter mesh

1. Effectively remove harmful impurities such as bubbles, oxides, and inclusions in the metal melt. Thus, defects such as pores, slag holes, and sand holes are completely eliminated, and the yield of castings is significantly improved.

2. Improve the mechanical properties of castings. The hardness of the casting can be improved, and the surface hardness of the casting can be made more uniform, thereby improving the bending strength of the casting.

3. By changing the shape of the casting graphite, the size, thickness, and shape of the graphite can be reduced.

4. Change the machining performance of castings and improve the processing efficiency.

The main varieties are aluminum water, molten iron, molten steel, copper water filter, cap filter, and so on.

How to use the filter

1. The maintenance of casting filter equipment should be reasonably maintained according to the usage and the requirements of users.

2. In order to ensure that the filter mesh can play a good role, it must be used in a ventilated and dry environment.

3. The use environment of the filter mesh cannot contain corrosive substances.

4. To ensure the effective use of the filter, it must be used at a suitable temperature and humidity.

When the casting filter is used to remove impurities, special attention should be paid to that the wire mesh above the filter element cannot be deformed or damaged, otherwise, the purity of the filtered filter medium will not meet the requirements.

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