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What are the Types of Ceramic Foam Filters for Foundry?

The basic materials of ceramic foam filters for foundry are silicon carbide, zirconia, and alumina.

Silicon carbide has excellent strength, high-temperature shock resistance, and chemical corrosion. It can withstand high temperatures of about 1560℃. Therefore, they are suitable for casting all copper alloys and cast iron.

Ceramic foam filters for foundry can significantly improve the quality of cast iron parts, reduce scrap rates, can also be used in continuous casting and rolling processes, and are available in all standard sizes and thicknesses.

The foam ceramic filter has a good filtering effect on copper water or molten iron, and adopts a three-dimensional structure to effectively remove oxidized mixtures and other non-metallic mixtures, blocking capture and adsorption. Whether it is gray iron, ductile iron, shaft, cylinder block or complex large parts, the quality of the products will be satisfied after filtering by precision hardware components.

The ceramic filter is also suitable for copper, bronze, brass, and other copper alloys to reduce the turbulent flow of copper liquid and rectify and purify molten copper liquid. It is particularly valuable that the service life of copper castings in high-demand or harsh environments such as marine ship turbines and chemical parts is significantly prolonged, and it also has a good effect on copper castings with surface polishing requirements. Foamed ceramic filters also play an important role in traditional copper manufacturing, electronic copper manufacturing, and continuous casting and rolling processes.

Due to the large proportion of copper and alloys, including zinc alloys, which generate greater thermal shock during the casting process, the use of silicon carbide foam ceramic filters generally has strict regulations on size.

Zirconia Ceramic foam Filters for Foundry

ceramic foam filters for foundry

The basic material of zirconia foam ceramic filter is zirconia Zro2. The heat-resistant temperature of the zirconia filter screen is higher than about 1760 ° C, the strength is high, and the high-temperature impact force is good.

Cast steel parts are widely used where high strength and elongation are required. Therefore, steel castings are very sensitive to defects caused by impurities. The excellent characteristics of the foam ceramic filter can effectively remove impurities that ultimately lead to product quality defects. The impurities are mainly composed of non-metallic particles, slag, and refractory fragments, which improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of castings and reduce the scrap rate.

The foam ceramic filter allows the molten steel to fill the cavity more uniformly, and the molten metal has a higher tendency to turbulent flow during the pouring process. The turbulent flow of the three-dimensional pore structure of the foam ceramic filter is finally transformed into a very stable laminar flow. The laminar flow fills the cavity better, thereby reducing impingement corrosion of the casting cavity by the metal solution, significantly reducing the waste rate.

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