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What are the Methods of Aluminum Melt Filtration?

In modern aluminum melt purification processes, filtration is the last purification process next to the casting terminal. Prior to aluminum melt filtration, through flux refining, standing, and medium and non-medium adsorption in the furnace. 60% to 80% of the inclusions and gases have been removed, but there are still finer inclusions dispersed in the melt. In order to obtain high-performance aluminum products, these fine inclusions must be aggregated and separated by adsorption. Compared with other purification methods, the filtration method has become the preferred process for terminal purification of aluminum melt due to its low energy consumption, convenient operation, high impurity removal efficiency, and less secondary pollution.

Aluminum Melt Filtration

What are the methods of aluminum melt filtration?

Glass cloth and mesh filter

It mainly relies on a mechanical interception to separate the inclusions, and its structure is simple, the cost is low, and it is suitable for filtering out the inclusions of large particles. However, it has little filtering effect on fine inclusions, and the filter screen has low thermal strength and short life, and can only be used once, so it is mainly used for primary filtration of melts.

Honeycomb (straight hole) filter

It is similar to the automobile exhaust filter, which is formed by die extrusion or direct molding and then sintered. It has the advantages of high strength, low filtration resistance, stable melt flow rate, convenient replacement, and low cost.

Ceramic foam filter (CFF)

It is currently the most widely used filter for aluminum melt filtration. Its advantages are high porosity, high filtration efficiency, convenient replacement, low cost, and strong adaptability. It can not only filter solid inclusions, but also separate some liquid inclusions.

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