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What are the Features of Foam Ceramic Filter Plates?

Ceramic filter plates are also called foam ceramic filter plates. They consist of three categories: alumina ceramic filter plate, silicon carbide ceramic filter plate, and zirconia ceramic filter plate.

What are the Features of foam ceramic filter plates?

It can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum and adsorb micron-sized fine inclusion particles.

It plays the role of improving surface quality, improving product performance, and improving microstructure. It improves yield.

Widely used in the production of aluminum profiles, aluminum foils, aluminum alloys, and other fields.

ceramic filter plates

Ceramic filter plate production process

The ceramic filter plate adopts three-dimensional network structures and organic foam with connected pores as the carrier. The organic foam sponge is intruded into the special ceramic slurry with thixotropy, and a special rolling process is adopted to make the ceramic slurry evenly spread on the skeleton of the carrier, and then it is dried and cured and then fired at high temperature.

Matters needing attention when choosing ceramic filter plates

When we choose to buy a ceramic filter plate, how to buy a suitable ceramic filter plate? When purchasing a filter, carefully evaluate the effective surface area and porosity calculations of the foam. We can observe the surface layer of the filter plate when the grid is uniform, and then observe the uniform state of the grid cut by the cross-section. If possible, calculate the measure of the drain hole.

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