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What are the Benefits of Casting Filter

Problems in the casting process also greatly limit the renewal and upgrading of casting products. This requires the use of professional casting aids to help improve product quality and product success. Many foundries will choose to use casting filter to assist casting.

Casting filters can reduce waste caused by slag or impurities by 60-80%. This is also the trend that cast filters will be widely used in the next few years.

Casting filter can remove liquid metal non-metallic inclusions. It improve the microstructure and mechanical properties of castings. It helps foundries raise the high quality standards of precision castings and reduce casting rejects. Castings and other economic benefits are significantly increased under the use of casting filters.

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What are the Benefits of Casting Filter?

1. It can effectively remove air bubbles, ash oxides, and various harmful impurities and inclusions in molten aluminum. Castings output is greatly improved.

2. It can make the hardness and surface hardness of castings uniform and improve the bending strength of castings.

3. It can change the machining performance of castings and improve the processing efficiency.

In casting production, alloy castings are prone to quality problems. The removal of non-metallic inclusions in metal melts has great technical and economic value for castings. The casting filter is made of high temperature resistant fiber, with advanced technology and stable quality.

Compared with other types of filters, high temperature fiber casting filters are inexpensive and easy to use. It does not change the metal composition, and the filtering effect is good. In addition, it is also resistant to high temperature, ablation, and metal melt erosion. It has good chemical stability and good steel strength.

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