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Wall Flow Diesel Particulate Filter

Wall Flow Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) adopts ventilated porous cordierite material. The filtering ceramic body is composed of many small parallel pores; these parallel pores are separated by ventilating pore walls, one end is open and one end is blocked, The micropores in the filter pore wall can let diesel engine exhaust molecules pass through. The black smoke particles cannot pass through the micropores due to their relatively large particle size and are filtered on the surface of the ceramic pore wall to achieve the effect of eliminating black smoke.


The wall flow diesel particulate filter is sprayed with platinum, rhodium, and palladium and the particulates emitted by the diesel engine are first trapped inside the thin pores or at the entrance. As time goes on, the accumulation layer thickens and the pressure loss increases. In order to ensure the performance of the engine, when the pressure loss reaches a certain value, the filter must be “regenerated”. The “regeneration” of the filter is to increase the gas temperature of the filter to burn the particles. The properties of particulates in exhaust gas from diesel engines are related to the concentration of oxygen, and they can usually be burned at 550 to 650 ℃. Generally, the throttle valve is adjusted to increase the exhaust temperature, the burner is used to increase the gas temperature, and the catalyst is used to reduce the particle combustion temperature so that the accumulated particles are burned out as soon as possible so that the pressure loss can be restored, and the filter function can be restored.

Wall Flow Diesel Particulate Filter

Characteristics of Wall Flow Diesel Particulate Filter:

1. The filter area of ​​each unit volume is large and compact
2. Small pressure loss and good capturing performance
3. Excellent heat resistance and thermal shock resistance
4. The filtering effect of black smoke particles is relatively high

Product Parameter of Wall Flow Diesel Particulate Filter :

ITEM Size Hole density
DPF 01 Dia 143.8*152.4mm 200
DPF 02 Dia 143.8*254mm 200
DPF 03 Dia 170*152.4mm 200
DPF 04 Dia 170*203mm 200
DPF 05 Dia 170*254mm 200
DPF 06 Dia 170*305mm 200
DPF 07 Dia 190.5*152.4mm 200
DPF 08 Dia 190.5*254mm 200
DPF 09 Dia 190.5*305mm 200
DPF 10 Dia 240*152.4mm 200
DPF 11 Dia 240*254mm 200
DPF 11 Dia 240*305mm 200

Packing & Shipping of DPF:

ceramic honeycomb packing

Catalyst Substrates transportation