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Volatile Organic Compounds Catalyst

Since the catalyst substrate is made of porous material, it has a large specific surface area and suitable pore size. When the organic gas heated to 300~450°C passes through the catalytic layer, oxygen and organic gas are adsorbed on the catalyst on the surface of the porous material. It increases the chance of contact and collision between oxygen and organic gas, improves the activity, makes the organic gas and oxygen produce a violent chemical reaction to generate CO2 and H2O, and generates heat at the same time, so that the organic gas becomes a harmless gas.


The working principle of Volatile organic compounds catalyst, in the process of chemical reaction, the method of using a catalyst to reduce the combustion temperature and accelerate the oxidation of toxic and harmful gases is called catalytic combustion.

The catalyst for catalytic combustion uses cordierite honeycomb ceramic body as the first carrier, γ-Al2O3 as the second carrier, and precious metals Pd and Pt as the main active components. It is a new and efficient organic waste gas purification catalyst.

Main Specifications & Technical Indicators:

1. Shape: Square Honeycomb
2. Wall thickness: ≤0.2mm
3. Pressure drop: A≥10MPa, B≥2MPa
4. Hole density: 200 mesh/square inch
5. Water absorption rate: ≤18%
6. Active component: Nano Pt

honeycomb catalyst substrate

Common Sizes of VOC Honeycombe Ceramic Substrate

Can be customized according to requirements

No. Section Shape Specification holes / square inch No. Section Shape Specification   holes / square inch
1 square 100x100x100 200 16 square 150x150x160 300
2 square 100x100x40 200 17 square 150x150x200 100
3 square 100x100x40 300 18 square 150x150x200 200
4 square 100x100x50 100 19 square 150x150x300 46
5 square 100x100x50 200 20 square 150x150x400 46
6 square 100x100x50 300 21 square 150x150x50 200
7 square 150x150x100 200 22 square 150x150x50 300
8 square 150x150x100 230 23 square 150x150x75 200
9 square 150x150x140 200 24 square 50x50x50 200
10 square 150x150x150 50 25 square 48x48x49 100
11 square 150x150x150 100 26 square 48x48x49 Φ2.0
12 square 150x150x150 150 27 square 48x48x49 Φ2.8
13 square 150x150x150 200 28 square 49x49x50 Φ2.0
14 square 150x150x150 300 29 square 49x49x50 Φ2.5
15 square 150x150x160 200 30 square 49x49x50 Φ2.6

Application of Volatile Organic Compounds Catalyst:

Exhaust gas containing aromatic hydrocarbons, oxygen-containing organics, and carbon monoxide and other harmful and poisonous substances discharged from industries such as chemical industry, food, machinery, instrumentation, household appliances, baking paint, insulating materials, color steel manufacturing, etc. can be applied.

Instructions of Volatile Organic Compounds Catalyst:

In order to effectively utilize the catalyst’s high activity, high purification rate, high temperature resistance and service life characteristics, please use the catalyst correctly according to the following methods.

1. The storage of the catalyst should avoid damp, handle with care and reduce collision. The front section of the catalyst loading equipment should be equipped with an effective dust removal device to prevent dust from entering the catalyst bed and causing blockage.
2. During the installation process, try to align the gaps between the catalysts to reduce wind resistance and prevent clogging. Before each use, it must be activated by fresh air at 200°C-350°C for half an hour.
3. The best operating temperature range of the catalyst is 10-20% above the ignition temperature. It is strictly forbidden to introduce organic waste gas when the catalyst temperature is lower than the ignition temperature, and at the same time, long-term high-temperature combustion should be avoided as much as possible.
4. Before shutting down, you must cut off the exhaust gas source, introduce fresh air, and continue to heat the catalyst chamber for more than half an hour to shut down.
5. When the catalyst is used for more than 4500h, the upper and lower catalysts can be exchanged and the ignition temperature of the catalytic chamber can be appropriately increased.

Packing & Shipping:

We will pack the volatile organic compounds catalyst in cartons and pallets.

Transportation methods: FedEx, TNT, DHL express, air and sea, etc.

voc honeycomb catalyst

honeycomb substrate packing