VOC Oxidation Catalyst

The VOC catalyst is a special catalyst for voc purification, which is composed of active components, additives and catalyst substrate. Among them, the active components and their distribution, particle size, and catalyst carrier have a great influence on the catalytic effect and life.



The active components of the VOC oxidation catalyst is mainly precious metals. Noble metals are the most commonly used catalysts for low-temperature catalytic combustion. They have the advantages of high activity and good sulfur resistance. They are also called precious metal catalysts.

The performance of precious metal catalysts is related to the content, particle size, and dispersion of precious metals. In an ideal state, precious metals are highly dispersed. At this time, precious metals are present on the carrier in very small particles (a few nanometers), and precious metals are utilized to the greatest extent. The processing capacity of the catalyst is positively correlated with the content of precious metals.

However, when the precious metal content is high to a certain level, the metal particles are easy to aggregate and grow into larger particles, and the contact surface between the precious metal and VOCs decreases, and most of the precious metals are wrapped inside. At this time, increasing the precious metal content is not conducive to the improvement of the catalyst activity.

Application of VOC Oxidation Catalyst:

Spraying, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, printing, plastics.

The composition of the exhaust gas in the spraying and printing industry is relatively simple, mainly benzene series, esters, alcohols, and ketones, as well as some other special additives.

The composition of exhaust gas in other industries is complex and requires specific analysis of specific issues.

Advantages of VOC Oxidation Catalyst:

1. Wide application industry.

2. Water resistance.

3. Durability.

4. Strong anti-peak ability.

5. Temperature resistance.

Technical Indicators & Physical Indicators:

Catalyst Substrate Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic
Catalyst Substrate Shape Square
Catalyst Active Component Precious Metal + Rare Earth
Designed to Use Airspeed 10000h-1_20000h-1
VOCs Concentration 200-4000mg/m3
Working Temperature 280-500℃
Thermal Shock Temperature 700℃

Packing & Shipping:

We will pack the VOC oxidation catalyst in cartons and pallets.

Transportation methods: FedEx, TNT, DHL express, air and sea, etc.

voc honeycomb catalyst

Catalyst Substrates transportation