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Types of Sefu Foundry Filters

Sefu has been working on filtering metal inclusions for many years. We can provide foundry filters in various materials. Sefu foundry filters can play the role of filtering non-metallic inclusions in casting production. Do you know the types of Sefu foundry filters? Next, Sefu will bring you a detailed introduction.

Casting filters can be divided into ceramic filters, fiber filters, and ceramic foam filters according to their auxiliary materials.

Ceramic Filter of Sefu Foundry Filters

Ceramic filters are also known as straight hole ceramic foundry filters, they are honeycomb ceramic filters. Using this ceramic filter can better stabilize the casting speed, and it can remove harmful impurities in the alloy melt.

The ceramic filter avoids the defects such as flash, slag holes, and sand holes that are easy to occur in the production process of cast iron. It can reduce the error rate by more than 90%. Ultimately, the mechanical properties and overall quality of the casting can be improved.

foundry filter

Fiber Filter

Fiber foundry filters are less expensive and more convenient to use than other foundry filters. It has a good filter coating effect without changing the alloy composition of the casting.

Compared with other filters, the fiberglass mesh filter has better wear resistance, flammability, chemical stability, and corrosion resistance. It is an ideal filter material for alloy melts.

fiber foundry filter

Ceramic Foam Filter

The ceramic foam filter is a foundry filter, which has a larger surface and can better absorb small inclusions.

During use, the ceramic foam filter divides the liquid metal flow into small liquid flow cells that separate the contact area between the alloy melt and the filter screen. Only on the basis of physical adsorption, the molecular layer has no choice, so the inclusions stick up the inclusions at the filter door layer by layer to achieve the purpose of filtering inclusions.

ceramic sefu foundry filter

Regarding the classification of Sefu foundry filters, the above is the introduction of Sefu. The foundry filter is an indispensable part of casting engineering. Its appearance improves the casting slag hole, sand hole, gas hole, and other problems that are easy to occur in the casting process.

Sefu has been committed to the research and production of various types of foundry filters for many years. If you have related needs, please leave your inquiry.