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TSS Square Thermal Analysis Cup With Te And S

The square sampling cup is for determining the Carbon equivalent after spheroidization, % Carbon, and % Silicon in molten iron by using the principle of thermal analysis.


The thermal analysis cup is used matching with the carbon and sulfur analyzer to quickly analyze carbon content, silicon content, and carbon equivalent in molten iron, which can save smelting time of molten iron, greatly reduce the production cycle of white and grey cast iron, and therefore increase production efficiency.

Thermal Analysis Cup Parameters:

Materials: resin bonded sand

Temperature range: 1250℃~1370℃

Measuring range:
CEL: 3.2%~4.8%±0.05%
C%: 2.8%~4.2%±0.05%
Si%: 0.9%~3.0%±0.1%

Graduation No. of supporting thermocouple wires: K type

The shape of carbon cup: round and square type

Measurement function: thermal analysis towards cast iron

Measuring time: 240 seconds at most

Indication in the working process: the carbon cup is connected with three signal indicators on the panel of “Ready”, “Measurement” and “Finish” through potential free-reed relay.

carbon cup

Determination of thermal stability of Thermal Analysis Cup

One: option of the instrument and electric furnace

Be sure to select the specific carbon silicon analyzer and hot metal within the specified test furnace. the replacement of components when the next test furnace hot metal will be changed.

Two: data testing methods

Example: Thermal analysis of the test sample cup should be 3 to 5 consecutive (arrange it according to the time), e.g. the test result of Si% is 1.80%, 1.82%, 1.86%, 1.88%, 1.90%. Testing is completed record data.

Three: analysis

According to the above testing result, the highest one is 1.80%, the lowest one is 1.70%, the fluctuation gap is 0.1, the average value is 1.75% (±0.05).

Instrument adjustment.

If the chemical analysis of Si% molten iron content was 1.85% when the original apparatus should be set based on the si values of 0.1 and then raised to complete the adjustment (if the former setting of Si is -0,2, should change at -0.1). when tested again, the content of Si% will become 1.85%, the adjustment is over, can work now.

Four: attention

1. The hot metal temperature in the sample cup should not exceed 1350 ℃.

2. Optimum temperature of ductile iron is 1200 ℃ ~ 1250 ℃.

3. Optimum temperature of Gray Iron 250, 300 is 1250 ℃ ~ 1350 ℃

4. The abnormal situation like low carbon high silicon hot metal composition will cause instruments to measure the normal C% and Si% no data.


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