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The Residue on the Molten Aluminum Filter

The molten aluminum filter for casting refers to the fiberglass mesh filter. It is usually a molten metal purification device. The mesh structure of it has high porosity and a large slag collecting surface area.

It can reduce the turbulent flow of the metal liquid surface flowing through the filter, make the filling more stable, and reduce the generation of secondary oxidation slag inclusions in the mold.

Long-term and extensive use of filters in the casting process can significantly improve the casting surface and internal hole defects caused by inclusions, but we often ignore the residue left on the filter after pouring. So what should I do if there is residue on the molten aluminum filter? Next, Sefu will analyze it for you.

molten aluminum fiberglass mesh filters

Measures to Remove the Residue of molten aluminum filter

1. Improve the composition of the molten aluminum filter. Modifying the composition of the screen to reduce the harmful effect of the residue left on the molten aluminum filter screen in the sand system and the return material.
2. Before the reused sand enters the sand storage, it is based on the hexagonal screen to screen out the larger filter screen residue. Further study of the sorting technology of the filter screen in the recycled sand and the returned material.
3. Reduce the use of long-term filters. From the perspective of being conducive to the sustainable development of casting, the use of long-term molten aluminum filters can be reduced. Regularly replace the filter with a new one to fundamentally reduce the influence of the residue left by the filter.
4. The characteristics of different charges and different castings can be distinguished according to the purity of the charge, the special requirements of specific castings, and the actual properties of the molding sand. Targeted step-by-step, small-scale, short-term, staged, or periodic use of molten aluminum filters.

Influence of Filter Residue

In the process of aluminum casting, due to the long-term and large-scale use of filters, the filter screen, and the high-temperature molten metal after casting are severely burned and then broken. The residue of the filter will directly enter the recycled sand, which will deteriorate the quality of the recycled sand. This in turn affects the overall performance of the green sand.

The filter is in direct contact with the high-temperature molten metal, and the filter will become a part of the return material after solidification. These are difficult to be removed in the returned material, and the residue of the filter will continue to increase the difficulty of smelting and slag removal and will have serious erosion consequences on the furnace lining.

In turn, the overall quality of the molten metal is affected. The filter residue is difficult to remove by shot blasting.
Sefu has introduced the problem of what to do if there is residue on the molten aluminum filter. Residues on the molten aluminum filter will cause certain harm to the molding sand system, especially the deterioration of the reused sand. It also contaminates metal returns. Therefore, we must also take certain measures to effectively reduce, improve and repair the impact of filter residues.

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