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Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst

The selective catalytic reduction catalyst is a key part of the exhaust gas after-treatment system of diesel vehicles. Its function is to reduce and convert the NOx components in the exhaust gas to meet the corresponding emission standards.


For the treatment of nitrogen oxides emitted by diesel vehicles, the market mainly adopts selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, the core of which is the catalyst.

The combination of SCR catalyst and car urea can effectively eliminate exhaust pollutants and black smoke particulate pollutants.

The SCR catalyst mainly converts nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the engine exhaust into nitrogen and water to reduce NOx emissions. In a high-temperature environment, the urea injection unit injects an aqueous urea solution (a urea aqueous solution with a urea concentration of 32.5%) into the exhaust pipe. The urea liberates ammonia from the water at a high temperature. The ammonia is combined with the nitrogen in the exhaust gas in the SCR catalyst. The oxides react to produce nitrogen and water. SCR catalyst is by far the most effective means to reduce nitrogen oxide content.

scr working principle

Product Parameter of Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst:

Common Sizes of DOC & SCR Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate

No. Section Shape Specification holes / square inch No. Section Shape Specification   holes / square inch
1 cylinder Ø143.8*76.2 400 10 cylinder Ø240*152.4 300
2 cylinder Ø143.8*101.6 400 11 cylinder Ø267*101.6 300
3 cylinder Ø143.8*152.4 400 12 cylinder Ø267*152.4 300
4 cylinder Ø170*101.6 300 13 cylinder Ø286*101.6 300
5 cylinder Ø190.5*101.6 300/400 14 cylinder Ø286*152.4 300
6 cylinder Ø190.5*52.4 300/400 15 cylinder Ø305*101.6 300
7 cylinder Ø228*101.6 300 16 cylinder Ø305*152.4 300
8 cylinder Ø228*152.4 300 17 cylinder Ø330*101.6 300
9 cylinder Ø240*101.6 300 18 cylinder Ø330*152.4 300

Packing & Shipping:

We will pack the selective catalytic reduction catalyst in cartons and pallets.

Transportation methods: FedEx, TNT, DHL express, air, and sea, etc.

scr honeycomb substrate

scr catalyst packing