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Sefu Ceramic Foam Filters in Automotive Casting

Sefu ceramic foam filters have a crucial role in automotive casting.

With the three-dimensional structure of the Sefu ceramic foam filter, when casting automobile parts, impurities and tiny particles in molten iron, aluminum, and various alloy solutions are easily captured and filtered by Sefu ceramic foam filter.

In addition, the Sefu ceramic foam filter can also play a turbulent effect, which can ultimately improve the quality of the casting.

Let’s take a closer look at Sefu ceramic foam filters in automotive casting.

sefu ceramic foam filter

Why Sefu Foam Ceramic Filter?

• Sefu ceramic foam filter has passed ISO9001 certification, and the product quality is guaranteed.

• Sefu has many years of experience in the production of ceramic foam filters, we can solve various problems you encounter in the process of use promptly.

• Sefu has a professional production team and service team, which can customize ceramic foam filters of different specifications and shapes according to your requirements.

• Sefu ceramic foam filter packaging is stable and not easy to break.

• Sefu ceramic foam filter ships fast.

Sefu Ceramic Foam Filters in Automotive Casting

Many automobile casting companies may have used fiber filters to solve the problem of slag inclusion in automobile casting production. The fiber filter has a stable filtering effect, low cost, and relatively good process adaptability.

However, after the temperature rises, the hardener on the surface of the fiber filter vaporizes, and the gas cannot be discharged, which will lead to defects such as pinholes or scale in the casting.

Therefore, many automobile foundries will choose to use Sefu foam ceramic filters for in-mold filtration and filtration of aluminum alloy liquid in the intermediate process.

Sefu ceramic foam filter adopts a special foaming process. It is sintered at a high temperature and then undergoes special treatment to ensure its porosity. The basic principle of using Sefu foam ceramic filtration is to remove the slag inclusions in the alloy liquid. Finally, it can achieve the purpose of improving the appearance quality and mechanical properties of castings.

At the same time, ceramic foam filters can change the flow model of the molten aluminum, and they can reduce the secondary oxidation inclusions formed by the tumbling of the alloy liquid.

Sefu ceramic filter has the advantages of not polluting the molten aluminum, not reducing the effective feeding area of ​​the gate, and having low cost. It is completely suitable for the production of low-pressure wheels in automobile casting.

The use of ceramic foam filters in the production of wheel hub castings is convenient and inexpensive. It is an effective, feasible, and simple method to improve the quality of castings.

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