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Reticulated Ceramic Foam

The use of the reticulated ceramic foam filter can effectively achieve the purpose of purifying liquid casting alloys.


In casting production, the rejection rate of castings due to casting defects such as non-metallic inclusions is generally as high as 50% to 60% of the total number of rejects. Inclusion defects not only severely degrade the mechanical properties of castings, but also have a detrimental effect on their processability and appearance. Purifying liquid casting alloys and reducing or eliminating various non-metallic inclusions is undoubtedly a very important technical measure to obtain high-quality castings.
The purpose of purifying liquid casting alloys can be effectively achieved by using reticulated ceramic foam filter.

ceramic foam filter mechanism

Filter Mechanism of Reticulated Ceramic Foam:

The unique three-dimensional connected meander-pore network skeleton structure of the foamed ceramic filter enables it to have an open porosity as high as 80%~90%, and has the following three filtration and purification mechanisms:

• One is a mechanical interception.

• The second is rectification scum, that is, the rectification effect of the filter makes the runner in front of the filter in a full state so that the filtered molten iron is in a stable laminar flow state, and the oxidation and scouring reactions of the molten iron are weakened, so that inclusions are easy to be included. Float and capture to reduce the number of secondary inclusions behind the filter.

• The third is deep adsorption, that is, the fine inclusions entering the filter are adsorbed on the skeleton or retained in the dead corners of the network due to their full contact with the ceramic network with complex flow paths.

Through these three filtration and purification mechanisms, large inclusions and a large portion of tiny suspended inclusions as small as tens of microns in the molten metal can be efficiently filtered out, thereby significantly reducing the casting rejection rate and welding repair rate.

Product Size:

Aperture Length * Width * Thickness (mm) Diameter * Thickness (mm)
10/20/30/40 PPI 40×40×15 Dia 40×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 50×30×22 Dia 50×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 50×50×15 Dia 60×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 50×50×22 Dia 70×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 60×60×15 Dia 75×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 75×50×22 Dia 80×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 75×75×22 Dia 90×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 100×75×22 Dia 100×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 100×100×22 Dia 125×22
10/20/30/40 PPI 150×150×22 Dia 150×22

Non-standard ceramic foam filter molten metal filtration products can be customized according to the specifications and shapes required by customers.


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