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Principle of Fast Thermocouples for Foundry

Foundry fast thermocouples can measure the temperature of molten metal. Such as molten steel, molten iron, or other molten metals.

Foundry fast thermocouples consist of a protective cap, quartz tube, paper tube, compensation wire, etc.

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Principle of Fast Thermocouples for Foundry

The metal protective cap acts to protect the u-shaped quartz tube from being bumped. A pair of thermal electrodes with 0.05-0.1mm diameter and 25-40mm length are passed through the u-shaped quartz tube. They are connected to the contact point on the plastic insert through the corresponding compensation wire. From this, it is connected to the fast potentiometer or digital display instrument through the wire in the temperature measuring gun.

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When measuring the temperature, the operator inserts the thermocouple into the molten steel through the temperature measuring gun. The u-shaped quartz tube and the hot electrode are exposed to the melt. They are also burned instantly. However, at this time, the thermoelectric potential signal generated by the temperature of the molten steel has been sent to the fast electronic potentiometer to indicate and record the temperature of the molten steel.

Because a fast thermocouple is only used once, it is also called a consumable thermocouple. Since all materials for this type of thermocouple are mostly cheap, this is why fast thermocouples are widely used in steel mills.

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