Pouring Cup for Casting

The pouring cup collects the liquid metal for pouring and facilitates the flow of the metal into the mold. It is the entrance of liquid metal into the mold cavity. In investment casting, it can also be used as a reservoir to provide additional metal if required.


The function of the pouring cup for casting is to introduce the liquid metal poured from the ladle into the sprue. The sprue cups of small castings are mostly funnel-shaped, and the diameter of the upper spout should be more than twice that of the straight sprue, and it is generally made directly on the mold during modeling. For castings above medium size, the sprue cup is often in the shape of a pot and is usually made separately and placed on the mold. For castings with high-quality requirements, a special slag collecting device must be installed in the sprue cup.

Features of the Ceramic Pouring Cup:

High-temperature resistance to thermal shock is good.
The smooth surface is conducive to the flow of liquid metal.
The high-temperature crystal structure is stable and the size interchangeability is good.
It has a variety of sizes and can be processed and produced according to drawings.

Product Parameters:

Pouring cup for casting uses refractory raw materials with refractoriness of 1700°C to 1750°C. It is made by high-temperature firing using press molding technology. The tolerance of the inner hole, outer circle, and height of the finished product does not exceed 1% of the drawing requirements.

Product specifications A mm(inch) B mm(inch) C mm(inch)
0101 77(3.03) 45(1.77) 40(1.57)
0102 90(3.54) 60(2.36) 50(1.97)
0201 130(5.11) 54(2.12) 97(3.82)
0202 200(7.87) 92(3.62) 205(8.07)
0203 200(7.87) 60(2.36) 180(7.08)
0204 170(6.69) 92(3.62) 140(5.51)
0301 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0302 145(5.70) 52(2.04) 106(4.17)
0501 212.8(8.37) 101.6(4) 133.3(5.26)
0502 138.4(5.45) 76.2(3) 107.9(4.24)
0601 121(4.76) 70(2.76) 62(2.44)
0701 124(4.88) 53(2.08) 84(3.30)
0801 182(7.16) 59.5(2.34) 130(5.11)
0901 124(4.88) 61.5(2.42) 88.5(3.48)
1101 265(10.43) 58(2.28) 250(9.84)

ceramic pouring cup structure