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OR Immersion Disposable Fast Thermocouple Tip

OR fast thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of molten steel, aluminum solution, high temperature of molten metal, and others. This quick thermocouple is usually made up of eight parts, which are measure ending, thermocouple wire, quartz tube,fire-resisitant filter , refractory mud head, refrerance end spot, protection tube, compensation cable , plastic rack.


Product Parameters:



Graduation  Allowable Tolerance Max.


Response Time Measured Rate Remarks
Common Precise
Fast Thermocouple Tip S ±5 ±3 1650℃ 2-5S 98% The length of the thermocouple can be according to customers’ requirement


Model: OR series

R ±5 ±3 1650℃
B ±5 1750℃
D ±7 150℃

Usage of Fast Thermocouple Tip:

Insert the thermocouple into the temperature measuring lance. If the preparation light of the temperature measuring instrument is on, it means the thermocouple contacts well with the lance.

During measurement, insert the thermocouple into the molten liquid , and the insertion depth is 300-400mm.

Insert the thermocouple into molten steel/iron liquid,after 3-6seconds, the red light is on, which means the process of measurement is finished, then lift the lance.

fast thermocouple


The graduation of the instrument, compensation wire, and thermocouple must be the same.

During measurement, the insulation resistance of thermocouples≥5MΏ.

When choosing the temperature points, it is much better to choose a place where the slag is thin.If the steel slag is too thick in the slag, we should push the slag aside with other tools before measuring the temperature.