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OR Fast Immersion Thermocouple For Foundry

The OR fast immersion thermocouple is a fast and accurate detection sensor to determine the temperature of the metal melt. The temperature measuring probe is suitable for short-term measurements in molten metals with a maximum bath temperature of 1710°C (light metals, copper-based alloys, GJL, GJS, GJV).


The quartz glass tube of the immersion thermocouple prevents direct contact with the melt. When dipping into the melt for the first time, an aluminum cap protects the quartz glass from mechanical damage, for example through slag. The cellulose carrier tube serves as a fixation for the sensor on the temperature instrumentation lance and reliably protects the inner conduit and the contact piece from excessive temperatures during the measurement.

expendable thermocouple

Immersion Thermocouple Features:

• High measurement accuracy

• Wide measurement range

• High measurement rate

• Low cost

Immersion Thermocouple Parameters:

According to the different thermocouple connectors, thermocouple tips can be classified as 604 and 602 types.

Type Model
602 (Round bottom) KR/S/B/C/D-602
604 (Triangle bottom) KR/S/B/C/D-604

According to the different thermocouple wire tolerance, thermocouples can be classified as common thermocouple wire(P) and precision thermocouple wire(J).

Type Model Accuracy
P(common wire) KR/S/B/C/D-604/602P ±5°c
KC/D-604/602P ±5°c
J (precision wire) KR/S/B/C/D-604/602J ±2°c

Working Principle:

According to the thermoelectric effect of the metal, the temperature difference between the two ends of the thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of molten steel and high molten metal.

That is, two conductors with different compositions are welded at both ends to form a loop.

The direct measurement terminal is called the working terminal (hot terminal) and the terminal is called the cold terminal.

When there is a temperature difference between the hot terminal and the cold terminal, a thermal current will be generated in the loop. Connect the display instrument, and the instrument will indicate the heat generated. The corresponding temperature value of the electromotive force, the electromotive force increases as the temperature rises.


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