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NTS Square Thermal Analysis Sampling Cup Without Te

Thermal analysis sampling cup without tellurium is used for testing Carbon Equivalent and degree of supercooling determination of cast iron, which can save smelting time of molten iron, greatly reduce production cycle of white and grey cast iron and therefore increase production efficiency.


Sampling Cup Features:

1. The thermal analysis sampling cup can improved process control.

2. Fast thermocouple response.

3. Wide pouring temperature range.

4. High accuracy, reliability, stability, smooth cooling curve, and good re-productivity.

Thermal Analysis Sampling Cup Parameters:

Product Name: Thermal analysis cup Temperature Range: 1250℃~1370℃
Carbon Equivalent: 3.2%~4.8%±0.05% Type Round
Measurement function:



thermal analysis towards cast iron


Measuring time:  

240 seconds at most

Safety precautions in handling and storage:

Fragile material (handle with care), the carbon cup should be kept in a dry place with a plastic cover to prevent from breakage metal cup should be kept in a rack.


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