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How does Titanium Dioxide work as a Photocatalyst?
Nano photocatalyst employs the effect of titanium dioxide (TiO2) semiconductors. This activates the adsorption of oxygen and moisture on the surface of the material, generating reactive hydroxyl ra...
Why Porous Ceramic is Useful?
Do you know why porous ceramic is useful? Take alumina ceramic foam as an example, we will answer this question for you. Alumina ceramic foam is a porous ceramic. At first it was only used as purif...
What are the Benefits of Casting Filter
Problems in the casting process also greatly limit the renewal and upgrading of casting products. This requires the use of professional casting aids to help improve product quality and product succ...
How to Use Disposable Thermocouples
Disposable thermocouples are also known as fast temperature measuring thermocouples. The fast thermocouple is used to measure the temperature molten steel and high-temperature molten metal. It is a...
Brazing Process of Diamond Abrasive Tools
With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the application scope and quantity of various industrial materials have also increased. As a tool for cutting them, diamond abrasive tools ...
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