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How do the Riser Sleeves Solve the Casting Shrinkage
The exothermic riser sleeves are now an integral part of foundry production. It can solve the casting shrinkage and provide feeding for castings. Do you know how the exothermic sleeves solve the ca...
Principle of Fast Thermocouples for Foundry
Foundry fast thermocouples can measure the temperature of molten metal. Such as molten steel, molten iron, or other molten metals. Foundry fast thermocouples consist of a protective cap, quartz tub...
Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters
Zirconia ceramic foam filters are foam ceramic materials. How much do you know about foam ceramics? Foam Ceramics Foam ceramics are porous materials with high-temperature characteristics, with the...
Honeycomb Ceramic Filters
Sefu honeycomb ceramic filter is a filter with a honeycomb straight pore structure. Honeycomb ceramic filters are mainly used in metallurgy and foundry industries. Sefu honeycomb ceramic straight h...
The Residue on the Molten Aluminum Filter
The molten aluminum filter for casting refers to the fiberglass mesh filter. It is usually a molten metal purification device. The mesh structure of it has high porosity and a large slag collecting...
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