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Molten Steel Temperature Sensor

The most consumed in the metallurgical process is the temperature sensor. Let’s discuss the molten steel temperature sensor.

The Principle of Metallurgical Sensor

The temperature of molten steel enters the functional material of the metallurgical sensor through the thermoelectric effect of contact and the chemical composition of molten steel through diffusion. Physical-electrical or electrochemical reactions occur on metallurgical sensor functional materials through the identification of induced thermoelectric potentials or the relative motion of ions under different oxygen partial pressures, respectively. The generated information is correspondingly converted into an electrical signal that can be quantitatively processed, and then amplified and output and calculated by the secondary instrument. Measure molten steel temperature or chemical composition of typical elements.


Molten Steel Temperature Sensor

With the continuous improvement of the variety and quality requirements of steel, continuous and accurate measurement of the temperature of the molten steel in the tundish is required in the continuous casting production process. The molten steel temperature is stabilized within a certain range to ensure the quality of the continuous casting billet.

The fast temperature measuring thermocouple is mainly composed of a temperature measuring head and a large paper tube. In the case of the head, there are mainly positive and negative even wires welded on the compensation wire. The compensation wire is embedded in the bracket. The holder jacket has a small paper tube. The filaments are supported and protected by quartz. The outermost is equipped with an anti-slag cap. All the components are packed into the mud head and bonded into a whole with refractory filler.

It works according to the thermoelectric effect of metals. The temperature of molten steel, molten iron and high temperature molten metal is measured by the thermoelectric potential generated at both ends of the thermocouple.

molten steel temperature sensor thermocouple

How to use fast temperature measuring thermocouple

1. According to the object and scope of measurement, choose different types of thermocouples, protective paper tubes of appropriate length and suitable temperature measuring guns.

2. Set the fast thermocouple on the temperature measuring gun rod and insert it tightly to make the digital display return to zero. At this time, it means that the contact is good and the measurement can be carried out.

3. The depth of the fast thermocouple inserted into the high temperature molten metal is about 100mm. Do not measure the furnace wall or slag when measuring, so as to be fast, stable and accurate. When the secondary meter gets the result, the gun should be lifted immediately. The immersion time of the fast thermocouple in the high temperature molten metal shall not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise the temperature measuring gun will be easily burnt out.

4. After the temperature measuring gun is lifted out of the high temperature molten metal, remove the used thermocouple and install a new one. Pause for a few minutes to prepare for the next measurement. Do not continuously measure and disassemble, otherwise it will cause inaccurate measurement and easy damage to the temperature measuring gun.