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Metallic Catalyst Substrates

The metallic catalyst substrates have good seismic and fatigue resistance, and has strong binding performance with the catalyst. Using vacuum welding technology, it has a long service life, which can reach more than 80,000 kilometers on automobiles and more than 30,000 kilometers on motorcycles.


The metallic catalyst substrates are made of special high-temperature resistant stainless steel. It is the most widely used in the exhaust purification of automobiles, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles. After coating the precious metals, it can meet the emission standards of Euro II, Euro III, Euro I IV, Euro V, and above.

Shape and Size of Metallic Catalyst Substrates:

The metal honeycomb substrate has good ductility and can be processed and manufactured in any shape.

Shape structure: cylindrical, racetrack-shaped, square, and other special-shaped structures.
We can provide the sizes of commonly used metal carriers. We can design and produce metal carriers of other specifications according to customer requirements.

Product Advantages:

• The service life is longer than the ceramic substrates.
• The comprehensive mechanical properties are better than ceramic substrates.
• The purification effect and reliability are higher than that of ceramic substrates.
• Compared with the ceramic carrier, the ignition temperature is lower and the heating speed is faster.
• Heat resistance, fatigue resistance, and vibration resistance are higher than ceramic carriers.


• Metal honeycomb carrier for road vehicles.
• Metal honeycomb carrier for general purpose and small engines.
• Metal honeycomb carrier for non-road vehicles.
• Metal honeycomb support for industrial catalysis.
• Other industrial applications.
• Special-shaped metal carrier.

Packing & Shipping:

ceramic honeycomb packing

Metallic Catalyst Substrates transportation