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KS-604 Immersion Disposable Fast Thermocouple Head/Tip

Type 604 rapid immersion thermocouple is widely used for measuring the temperature of molten steel, molten iron, and other molten metals.


Our platinum-rhodium sensor is synonymous with accuracy and reliability and is regarded as an industry standard worldwide. Variations in length, slag cover, and disposable fast thermocouple type can meet customers’ precise requirements.

It is mainly composed of a thermocouple tip and a large paper tube. According to the different thermocouple connectors, thermocouple tips can be classified as 604 and 602 types.

Disposable Fast Thermocouple Working Principle:

According to the thermoelectric effect of the metal, the temperature difference between the two ends of the thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of molten steel and high molten metal.

That is, two conductors with different compositions are welded at both ends to form a loop.

The direct measurement terminal is called the working terminal (hot terminal) and the terminal is called the cold terminal.

When there is a temperature difference between the hot terminal and the cold terminal, a thermal current will be generated in the loop. Connect the display instrument, and the instrument will indicate the heat generated. The corresponding temperature value of the electromotive force, the electromotive force increases as the temperature rises.

expendable thermocouple

Method of Use:

1. According to the measured object and range, select the appropriate protection tube length and suitable temperature measuring gun.

2. Put the fast thermocouple on the temperature measuring gun, and the secondary instrument pointer (or digital) back to zero, this shows contacts good, can be measured.

3. Fast thermocouple insertion depth of the molten steel with 300-400 mm, don’t test to the furnace wall or drag, do fast, steady, accurate, when secondary instrument to get the results, should immediately carry guns, fast thermocouple immersion time in molten steel must not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise easy to burn temperature measuring gun.

4. Raised temperature measuring gun from the furnace, take the used thermocouple down, install a new one, pause for a few minutes, prepare the next measurement. Don’t even measure even split, otherwise cause temperature fluctuations.


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