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Ks-604 Fast Immersion Expendable Thermocouple For Measuring The Temperature Of Molten Metal

The expendable thermocouple is used for measuring the temperature of molten steel and high-temperature molten metal.



The ks-604 expendable thermocouple is mainly composed of the temperature probe and large paper tube.

The positive and negative wires of the temperature probe are welded to the compensation wires embedded in the bracket covered by the small paper tube.

The hot wire is supported and protected by quartz.

The temperature probe is covered with a lid to prevent scum.

All components are placed at the end of the thermocouple and bonded together with refractory filler.

expendable thermocouple

Product Features:

1. The world standard thread is the “heart” of the thermocouple tip and even the entire thermometer.

2. Excellent accuracy. Tolerance within ±5 degrees Celsius.

3. It can be handled safely.

4. Range: 0 — 1760 degrees Celsius.

5. Rapid response, measuring time no more than 3 seconds, low thermal inertia, easy operation, and maintenance.

Expendable Thermocouple Parameters:

Product Name KS-604 fast immersion thermocouple
Type S, B, or R
Wire sensor Platinum rhodium
Connector 604 Triangle
Cap Aluminum cap
Measuring time 3-6s
Paper tube diameter Inner diameter: 18mm, Outer diameter: 30mm
Paper tube length 300mm-1200mm, according to your requirement

Application of Expendable Thermocouple:

The ks-604 fast thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of molten steel, aluminum solution, high temperature of molten metal, and others. This quick thermocouple is usually made up of eight parts, which are measure ending, thermocouple wire, quartz tube, fire-resistant filter, refractory mud head, references end spot, protection tube, compensation cable, plastic rack.


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