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Ks-602 Fast Immersion Thermocouple For Casting

ks-602 fast thermocouple used to measure the temperature of molten steel and high-temperature molten metal. The working principle is based on the thermoelectric effect of metals, using the temperature difference between the two ends to measure the temperature of molten steel and molten metal.


Product Features:

1. Immersion thermocouple for casting with high measurement accuracy

2. Fast Response

3. Lightweight structure

4. Easy to use

5. Protection tube length can be customized

Immersion Thermocouple For Casting Parameters:

Designation Type  


Using range recommended (°C) Wire diameter(mm) Tolerance Tube length
PtRh10%-Pt    S KS-602/604 1650 0.05 ≤ ±5 °C  300-1200mm (custom made available)


PtRh13%-Pt    R KR-602/604 1650 0.05 ≤ ±5 °C
PtRh30%-PtRh6%    B KB-602/604 1760 0.05 ≤ ±5 °C

Usage of Immersion Thermocouple For Casting:

Insert the thermocouple into the temperature measuring lance. If the preparation light of the temperature measuring instrument is on, it means the thermocouple contacts well with the lance.

During measurement, insert the thermocouple into the molten liquid, and the insertion depth is 350-400mm.

Insert the thermocouple into molten steel/iron liquid, after 3-6seconds, the red light is on, which means the process of measurement is finished, then lift the lance.

immersion thermocouple for casting


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