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HR Fast Immersion Thermocouple For Foundry

HR fast immersion thermocouple is a one-time consumption test thermocouple, which is used to monitor and control the temperature of liquid metal during molten metal preparation, heat preservation, degassing, and casting operations.


Based on the thermoelectric effect of metal, immersion thermocouple for foundry work according to the temperature difference between its two sides. HR fast thermocouple is mainly composed of a temperature probe and a large paper tube.

Immersion Thermocouple For Foundry Process:

1. Consumable fast thermocouple (temperature probe) is used to measure metal in steel making and iron making processes (including electric furnace, converter, refining furnace, LF furnace, oxygen blowing station, ladle, ladle, tundish, etc.) Temperature sensor designed for liquid temperature.

2. The fast thermocouple is measured by measuring the term electromotive force. The main part is the even head. It consists of two different metal materials, which will compensate the wire, a U-shaped quartz tube, plastic bracket, high-temperature mud head, protective cap. It is integrated with the paper tube. Although it is a consumable product, its performance will directly affect the quality of the product under test. Therefore, for the production of fast thermocouples, the quality of various components, installation, welding, technical inspection, inventory storage, and other requirements are very strict.

3. When using, it only needs to be connected by the temperature measuring gun, and then manually or mechanically inserted into a high-temperature melt of a certain depth, and the obtained term electromotive force is transmitted to the intelligent display device to obtain the temperature value of the melt.

Immersion Thermocouple For Foundry Parameters:

Item: HR Fast immersion thermocouple

Allowance error: Ordinary grade(P)±5℃ Precision grade(J)±2℃

Paper tube length: 300-1200mm (custom made available)

Protection cover: steel or aluminum

Success rate: ≥ 98%

Response time: ≤ 5s

Structure analysis:

The structure of the fast thermocouple is mainly composed of a temperature measuring couple head and a large paper tube. There should be positive and negative couple wires welded to the compensation wire on the dual head. The compensation wire of the fast thermocouple is threaded on the bracket, the bracket is covered with a small paper tube, and the pair of wires are supported and protected by quartz. A slag-proof cap is installed outside. All the parts and components are put into the mud head and glued into a whole with refractory filler and cannot be disassembled, so it is one-time use.

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