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How to Use Disposable Thermocouples

Disposable thermocouples are also known as fast temperature measuring thermocouples. The fast thermocouple is used to measure the temperature molten steel and high-temperature molten metal. It is a disposable expendable thermocouple. Correct use of thermocouples can not only accurately obtain the temperature value and ensure qualified products, but also save the material consumption of thermocouples. Not only save money but also ensure product quality. Let’s talk about how to use disposable thermocouples correctly.

In continuous casting, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of molten steel and the temperature of the billet from continuous casting. When measuring the temperature, some of the measured media are liquid molten steel or molten iron, and some are billets with a temperature of about 500-600 degrees. These all require the application of measuring instruments to detect the temperature in steel smelting.

disposable thermocouples

How to Use Disposable Thermocouples

The standard usage of disposable thermocouples is as follows.

If you want to use thermocouples to measure the molten steel temperature, you need to select the appropriate protective paper tube and temperature measuring gun. Install the fast thermocouple on the temperature measuring gun. And make the digital display return to zero. At the time of measurement, the thermocouple was inserted into the molten steel. In the process of measurement, the speed is fast, and the duration is generally 5 seconds.

The measurement accuracy is high and the measurement range is wide, so fast thermocouples are generally used on many occasions for measuring the molten steel temperature.

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