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How Disposable Thermocouple Work

Disposable thermocouple is also called fast temperature measuring thermocouple or fast thermocouple. It is a one-time consumption thermocouple. You can use it to measure the temperature of molten steel and high temperature molten metal.

How Disposable Thermocouple Work

Depending on the thermoelectric application of metals, the temperature difference created across a disposable thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of an object.

disposable thermocouple

Fast Thermocouple Composition

The disposable thermocouple is composed of a thermocouple tip and a straight tube. And all the parts are all joined together with fire-resistant adhesive. Therefore, this product cannot be disassembled and is disposable. Disposable thermocouples are used to measure high temperature liquids. They are an indispensable tool in the steelmaking process. It works by measuring thermal electromotive force. Its core part is the puppet.

When using this device, only through a dedicated connection. It is then inserted into the liquid at a suitable depth manually or mechanically. Obtain the thermoelectric force and transmit it to the intelligent display device, and then the accurate value can be obtained.

After one use, it must be replaced with a new one, so it is a kind of consumption. And the time interval cannot be too short, and it needs to stop for a few minutes before restarting the work.

Its performance also has a very direct impact on the things being tested. The requirements for the production process of the fast thermocouple and its composition, installation and welding inventory storage, etc. are also very strict.

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