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Honeycomb Ceramic Filters

Sefu honeycomb ceramic filter is a filter with a honeycomb straight pore structure. Honeycomb ceramic filters are mainly used in metallurgy and foundry industries.

Sefu honeycomb ceramic straight hole filter has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high mechanical strength, and thermal shock resistance. It can filter out metal liquid impurities in casting products. It can reduce casting pores and casting costs, it also can improve the casting quality and labor productivity.

Through the ceramic pores, the straight hole ceramic honeycomb filter can remove inclusions such as refractory debris, unmelted alloys, and slag in the metal solution. It also acts as a specific rectifier to obtain a smooth and fast laminar flow of the solution. It can prevent air bubbles from entering. It avoids metal oxidation due to turbulence and undesirable effects caused by splashing of the solution.honeycomb ceramic filters

Ceramic Honeycomb Filter Application:

• When it can be used as a furnace regenerator, it can increase the air circulation speed, accumulate and release heat in a short time.
• When it can be used as the reaction tower packing, it can reduce the power consumption of the air compressor .
• When it can be used as a car exhaust purifier, it can reduce the loss of engine power.honeycomb ceramic foam filters

Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Features:

1. The honeycomb ceramic filter has very high working strength at high temperature, thermal shock resistance and metal flow impact resistance. There is no slag or cracking phenomenon during operation, which ensures the filtering quality of molten metal.

2. It has extremely high normal temperature strength and mechanical shock resistance. No cracks or damage during use and transportation. It greatly facilitates the use and operation of the filter.

3. It has a very significant filtering effect. It is much higher than the filtering effect of the fiberglass mesh filter.

4. It can effectively reduce the molten metal turbulence caused by pouring. It can make filling smooth and avoid surface defects of castings.

5. It has a large metal flow rate, and the flow rate is stable. Even in the case of a large amount of inclusions in the molten metal, normal use will not cause clogging of the filter.

6. It has high chemical stability. It is not affected by the acidity and alkalinity of the molten metal, and does not change the chemical composition of the molten metal.

7. The honeycomb ceramic filter has very high dimensional accuracy, it can be used in the production line where the filter is automatically placed.

The performance of ceramic filters is significantly better than that of fiberglass mesh filters. The fiber filter is not as good as the ceramic filter in the filtering effect, the effect of reducing the molten metal turbulent flow, and the high temperature strength.

In addition to honeycomb ceramic filters, Sefu also supplies other foundry filters such as fiberglass mesh filters, ceramic foam filters. Would you like to learn more about these casting filters? Come and contact us on the Sefu website.