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High Silica Fiberglass Mesh Filter For Molten Copper Filtration

The high Silica fiberglass mesh filter is also called a refractory cloth filter. It is woven from high-silicon glass fiber yarn and coated with a special resin. our fiberglass mesh filters are widely used in copper alloy. It can also be used for chemical liquid filtration and high-temperature gas filtration.


Product Features:

1. High silica fiberglass Mesh Filter can remove the air bubbles in the metal melt effectively, clamp ash oxide, and other harmful impurities such as inclusions, thus fundamentally eliminating casting of the blowhole, slag, sand holes, greatly improving the yield of casting, improving the quality of the inner quality, and appearance of the castings.

2. Improving casting mechanical properties: it can improve the hardness of casting, and the surface hardness is uniform and the bending strength of castings is improved.

3. Change the graphite shape of casting to reduce graphite size, thin thickness, and slightly curved shape.

4. Change the machining performance of casting and improve machining efficiency.

Parameters of High Silica Fiberglass Mesh Filter:

Types Copper liquid filtration
Melting Point 1700℃
Sustaining working time (min)  10minutes
Working temperature 1200
Tensile Strength 6kg/4ends
Gas evolution 60 cm3/g
Min. mesh size 1.0×1.0mm
Application  Copper liquid filtration


High temperature-resistant glass fiber mesh for foundry is widely used to filter and purify various metal water. By using our products, it can reach the next goal:

It can effectively remove the bubbles, dust, and oxides in the metal water, and finally eliminate the residual holes, sand holes, and pores of the casting, thereby improving the internal and covering quality of the casting, and the finished product can also be used.
Improve the mechanical properties of the castings: increase the rigidity of the castings, in addition, the blanket becomes more uniform, and the bending strength is also improved.

Change the carbon form of the casting to reduce the size of the carbon, reduce the thickness and slightly bend the pattern.

Change the mechanical manufacturing capacity of castings and improve processing efficiency.

Main products: aluminum water filtration, molten steel filtration, molten iron filtration, copper water filtration, etc. The main meshes are: 1.0×1.0, 1.2×1.2, 1.5×1.5, 2.0×2.0, 2.5×2.5, etc. We can also manufacture products with special specifications to meet customer orders.