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Function of Exothermic Riser Sleeve

The exothermic riser sleeves are a supplementary part attached to the top or side of the casting to avoid defects in the casting. In the casting mold, the cavity of the riser sleeve is a cavity for storing the molten metal. When the casting is formed, the metal is supplied to prevent shrinkage, exhaust, and slag collection. The foundry riser sleeve is made of thermal insulation material, which is called an exothermic sleeve. The molten metal in the exothermic sleeve has a longer solidification time than ordinary riser sleeves, saving metal.

exothermic riser sleeve

The Function of Exothermic Riser Sleeve

The exothermic sleeve provided by Sefu has the following functions:

• Effectively solve defects such as shrinkage and shrinkage of castings.

• Significantly reduce casting slag inclusions, pores, and other defects.

• Effectively improve the yield of the casting process and improve economic benefits.

• Reduce the workload of riser cleaning and welding repair.