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Foundry Materials Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter For Casting

Ceramic Foam Filter is a kind of effective molten metal filter that is mainly designed for filtering impurities from grey iron. SiC Ceramic Foam Filters is available in all standard dimensions and different thicknesses. The most common porosity are PPI 10, 20, 30, and 40; higher porosity is available upon request. Custom-made cut-to-size filters are also possible.


Product Features:

1. Precise size. The control of silicon carbide ceramic foam filter for casting size is processed from filter media sponge cutting to the final sinter.

2. High strength and free from loose debris. Special formula and technique adjustment together with the good package are to make sure it prevents debris either during transportation or molten metal pouring.

3. Branded main material. Branded filter media sponge with a strict inspection to make a sure uniform hole with high porosity.Triple check on pores of sponge: before cutting, cutted, sintered.

4. High purity of raw materials, high refractory, and good thermal shock resistance.

Product Parameters of Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter For Casting:

Main material Silicon Carbide
Bond Ceramic
Aplied Temp.(℃) ≤1500
Hole density (PPI) (PPI=pore per linear inch) 10 – 40
Basic Shapes Square, circle, rectangle
Thermal shock resistance 6times/1100℃ to room temp
Tolerance of Dimensions -1.5 /+0.5mm

Application of Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter For Casting:

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter’s outstanding thermal shock resistance and high strength properties were developed for superior performance in extreme iron foundry applications.

ceramic foam filter for casting application

1. Sand casting

2. Investment casting

3. Shell casting

4. Low-pressure die casting

5. Permanent mould casting


First of all, our factory adheres to the principle of quality first. We have a group of professional technical and inspection personnel to focus on product quality control and Technological innovation. For each product, we have strict process inspection and factory inspection. We have a well export experience, to provide customers with professional pre-sales and after-sales service and technical support.The sales process will be active tracking queries, positively solving the problems in the follow-up use of customers.