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Foundry Filter

In the production of steel castings, iron castings, copper castings, aluminum castings and other alloy castings, it is easy to produce slag holes and other air quality problems due to various reasons, so remove metal melt inclusions and improve the finished castings rate, improve casting quality, and demonstrate the use of significant technical and economic value. Compared with other types of foundry filters, the high-temperature resistant fiberglass mesh filter is inexpensive, easy to use, does not change the metal composition, residual effect, and uses lower gas evolution. In addition, it also has high temperature, erosion resistance, chemical stability, resistance to molten metal erosion, good stiffness and strength.

foundry filter

Casting filters can improve the quality of cast iron parts and reduce the scrap rate. It can also be used in the continuous casting and rolling process. Foundry filter can be manufactured into corresponding sizes and different thicknesses according to the runner and pouring weight. It has a good filtering effect on copper or molten iron. , Utilize the perfect three-dimensional structure to remove oxide inclusions and other non-metallic inclusions by blocking capture adsorption. Whether it is gray iron, ductile iron, shaft, cylinder or complex large and precise hardware after filtering, the product quality will be stable and satisfactory.