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Fin Paper Sprue Cup / Sprue Joint

The paper sprue runner straight casting tube is made of pulp and high-temperature resistant fiber composite material. It is non-burning, lightweight, and degradable.
It realizes the reuse of resources and reduces environmental pollution. It is supported by the national environmental protection policy. The paper sprue casting pipe has various specifications such as straight casting tube, bend tube, equal-diameter tee, variable-diameter tee, and variable-diameter straight-through.


Product Features:

1. The paper sprue cup has good toughness, easy to cut, easy to install, easy to connect with foam plastic runner.

2. Good high-temperature strength, high refractoriness, and strong anti-scour ability. The paper sprue casting tube adopts a socket connection, and the filter mesh is used together to filter the slap and impurities after pouring the molten metal into the sprue runner, effectively preventing and eliminating the occurrence of slag inclusion defects.

3. Does not have any effect on the molten metal, maintains the original performance of the molten metal, and has no carburization problem for the casting. Use paper sprue casting tube, pouring cup and sprue superheat zone, sprue and sprue joint, no foam or paint layer, will not cause sand washing, sand inclusion, and sand into the casting White spot (dot) defects. The paper sprue casting tube has high refractoriness, reducing and avoiding the formation of carbon deposits and wrinkle defects.

4. Compared with the foam coated sprue, the paper uses a hollow hollow sprue tube, and the initial casting does not burn the foam material, which reduces the incidence of the reverse reaction caused by the pyrolysis and gasification reaction of the foam material during pouring. Effectively reduce the heat loss of the runner metal liquid, and prevent the occurrence of problems such as sudden and small, broken flow during the casting process due to back spray.

5. After pouring with a paper sprue runner, there is little hard solid waste, which is easy to peel off after high temperature.

Parameters of Sprue Cup:


Product name Item Size L L1 D d
  sprue joint





JDJ-30/30 Φ30-30 50 25 35.2 35.2
JDJ-40/40 Φ40-40 50 25 46.6 46.6
JDJ-40-40 Φ40-40 50 25 46.5 43.4
JDJ-40-35 Φ40-35 75 30 46.9 38
JDJ-40-40*20 Φ40-40*20 60 22 47.3 40*20
JDJ-50/50 Φ50-50 50 25 58 58
JDJ-50/50 Φ50-50 50 25 58 54
JDJ-50/40/30 Φ50-40-30 81 25 58.1 32.4
JDJ-50/30 Φ50-30 80 30 58.1 32.4
JDJ-60/60 Φ60-60 50 25 68 68
JDJ-70/70 Φ70-70 60 30 80 80

Application of Sprue Cup:

Through the application of the lost foam and solid casting, the paper sprue runner casting tube does not produce an endothermic reaction or gasification and cooling of the foaming runner at the beginning of the molten metal casting like the casting ceramic tube.

paper sprue runner

Because of its good thermal insulation performance, the paper sprue runner casting tube reduces the heat transfer of the molten metal to the pipe wall, so that keeping the molten metal without cooling is equivalent to increasing the temperature at which the molten metal enters the mold, and the temperature of the molten metal is relatively stable, prompting the molten metal. The filling is fast and smooth. The molten metal has sufficient time to replenish, which is beneficial to equalization and solidification.


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