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Fiberglass Mesh Filter For Molten Aluminum Filtration

The fiberglass mesh filter for casting produced by our company is made of high-temperature resistant fiber, which is specially used for the filtration and weaving of aluminum liquid, and for the diffusion and filtration of aluminum. High twist yarns are used to control the diameter of the strands and resist flattening or deformation under the pressure of contact with molten metal. The integrity of the weave pattern is maintained through the use of phenolic resin and through the use of high-density leno construction.


Product Features:

1. The fiberglass mesh filter for molten aluminum is cost-effective and easy installation

2. Mesh and grid is well organized and highly integrity

3. Corrosion resistance, no rust

4. Acid and alkali resistant

5. High temperature and wear-resistant

6. Not easy to shrink

Parameters of Filter For Molten Aluminum:

Types Aluminum liquid filtration
Melting Point 900℃
Sustaining working time (min)  10minutes
Working temperature 700-800
Tensile Strength 6kg/4ends
Gas evolution 30 cm3/g
Min. mesh size 1.0×1.0mm
Application  Aluminum Casting Filtration

Application of Filter For Molten Aluminum:

Fiberglass mesh filters are mainly used to remove oxides and inclusions to improve castings’ mechanical properties and surface finish. The casting contains Automobile or motorcycle wheel rims, aluminum cylinders, aluminum pistons, rods, ingots, aluminum, and alloy precision castings.

fiberglass mesh filter for molten aluminum application


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