Feeder Sleeve

In the casting process, the selection and application of feeder sleeves are one of the important methods to improve the yield of the process. The setting of the exothermic riser sleeve is one of the important measures to ensure the quality of the casting.


The exothermic riser sleeve is one of the process measures used by the casting process designer in the process design. The feeder sleeve is mainly used in cast iron and steel castings, which can improve the product quality of foundry enterprises save energy, and reduce emissions.

Features of Feeder Sleeve:

The main function of the riser sleeve is to make up for the insufficiency of the casting. It is used to prolong the setting time of the molten metal in the advanced tube, and improve the feeding efficiency of the advanced tube by controlling the heat loss of the riser. This not only saves the riser molten metal, but also has great significance for improving the quality of castings.


The exothermic sleeve can be widely used in the production of various grades of cast steel, cast iron and non-ferrous alloy castings. The use of this product can prolong the cooling time of the molten metal, enhance the feeding effect, and improve the yield of the casting process by about 20%. The production cost is about 30%–40%, and the weight of the riser sleeve is reduced by 40%–50%, which saves the cost of metal melting and cutting riser sleeve, reduces the loss of molding sand and metal, saves energy and saves labor, reduces the production cost of castings, and improves castings. The inherent quality of the product and the compactness of the casting improve the economic benefits; after the product is poured, the product shrinks at a high temperature, the insulation riser sleeve is not deformed or expanded, the exothermic riser sleeve is smooth and the shape is normal.

riser sleeve application

Parameter of Feeder Sleeve:

exothermic riser sleeves

Effective modulus
Riser size (mm) Volume (CC)
du Du do Do h H
B4/7 1.20 41.5 62.5 35.5 59 63 71.5 70
B5/8 1.50 52 73.5 48 70 70 80 130
B6/9 1.70 57.5 80 52.5 76 78.5 91 180
B7/10 2.00 69.5 94 65 89 87 99 300
B8/11 2.25 79 102 71.5 99 96.5 108 420
B9/12 2.50 89 119 81 110 104.5 120 580
B9/18 2.68 89 119 81 110 164.5 180 890
B10/13 2.80 97 127.5 91 119.5 118 133 800
B11/14 2.91 108 138 101 130 123 140 1000
B12/15 3.20 118 154.5 112 148 130 150 1350
B14/17 3.73 140 182 131 173 149 170 2140

Packaging and Storage of Riser Sleeves:

1. Stored in a special carton with a fixed position for horse pattern, the front of the carton has a label that meets the regulations, and it is packaged with transparent plastic film.

2. When transporting, it should be handled and placed lightly, strong vibration should be avoided, and attention should be paid to preventing moisture and damage.

3. The product should be stored indoors without getting wet.

feeder sleeve