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Features of Ceramic Foam Filter

The Ceramic foam filter is a kind of porous ceramic similar in shape to foam. It is the third generation of porous ceramic products developed after ordinary porous ceramics and honeycomb porous ceramics. This high-tech ceramic has three-dimensional connected pores, and its shape, pore size, permeability, surface area, and chemical properties can be adjusted and changed appropriately. The product is like “tempered foam” or “porcelain sponge”.

cff ceramic foam filterFeatures of Ceramic Foam Filter:

As a new type of inorganic non-metal filter material, the ceramic foam has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple regeneration, long service life, and good filter adsorption.
The foam ceramic filter is generally filled with ceramic slurry with a polyurethane foam sponge, and then the slurry is extruded. The ceramic material that is wrapped around the foam fiber is sintered at high temperature, and the polyurethane foam sponge is heated to decompose, leaving a foamy shape. The ceramic product is the foam ceramic filter, which is made of different ceramic materials and can be used in various casting alloys.
The silicon carbide foam ceramic filter produced by Sefu is used to improve the quality of ductile iron, gray iron, malleable cast iron, and other castings, which can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions in molten metal and reduce turbulence of molten metal.