Exothermic Riser Sleeves

The exothermic riser sleeves are high-efficiency feeding riser sleeves. Through the use of the exothermic sleeve, the yield of the casting process can be improved and the production cost of the casting can be reduced.


In the casting process design, the exothermic riser sleeves design is inseparable, and in the casting process yield, the riser occupies a large proportion. From the statistical analysis of long-term products, the average value of the ratio of the riser to the pouring weight is as high as 12 %above. It can be seen that it is very important to study the feeding technology of the riser sleeve. By reducing the weight of the riser sleeve, the yield of the process can be improved and the production cost can be reduced.

Advantages of Exothermic Riser Sleeves:

The exothermic sleeve has the following advantages: the feeding efficiency is high, up to 33-40%, the molten iron remains liquid in the riser for a long time, the feeding time is long, and the riser sleeve diameter section is good. It can be seen that the use of high-efficiency heating riser sleeves to replace low-efficiency thermal insulation riser sleeves and sand riser sleeves can fundamentally solve the problems of low yield and high cost of the casting process.

exothermic riser sleeves


Casting processes using common sand riser sleeves and insulation generally have low yields and high cleaning costs due to their large contact area with the casting. High-efficiency exothermic and heat-insulating riser sleeves, with low density and precise dimensions, are suitable for cast iron and steel castings and can be embedded in mold plates or embedded in sand molds after molding.

Due to the characteristics of heat and heat preservation of this product, the feeding efficiency of the heating riser is very high. Under the premise of meeting the feeding requirements of the casting, the process yield of the casting will be greatly improved; at the same time, the contact area between the riser and the casting will be reduced. , which reduces the cleaning cost of castings.