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Exothermic Riser Sleeves In The Production Of Steel Castings

Sefu exothermic riser sleeves can be used in casting processes such as cast steel and cast iron. How much do you know about exothermic riser sleeves in the production of steel castings?

What are Exothermic Riser Sleeves in the Production of Steel Castings Made of?

Typically, exothermic riser sleeves are composed of fuel material, filler, and binder.

• Fuel: Oxidizable metal or exothermic material.

• Filler: Sand or metal oxide.

• Binder: namely resin or water glass.

exothermic riser sleeves

The exothermic riser sleeve is a supplementary device for cast steel. The use of the exothermic riser sleeve during the casting process can compensate for the shrinkage of the steel during the solidification process. After analysis, the use of exothermic riser sleeves can increase the casting output by 74.47-91.80%.

What are the Parameters that Need to be Considered for Exothermic Riser Sleeves?

In order for exothermic riser sleeves to produce high casting yields, certain parameters must be considered. The following properties are necessary to maintain a delay in temperature drop during the production of steel castings.

• Heat resistance of fuel material in exothermic riser sleeves.

• The density of exothermic riser sleeves.

• Ash content of the material after combustion.

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