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Exothermic Insulating Riser Sleeve

Exothermic insulating riser sleeve has the characteristics of no fluorine, high calorific value, high feeding efficiency, high compressive strength, and large casting yield. It is convenient, and the contact surface between the riser sleeve and the casting is small and easy to remove. It is suitable for casting feeding on the high-pressure green sand molding line.


Application of Exothermic Insulating Riser Sleeve:

The exothermic insulating riser sleeve has the low density and accurate size. It can be made according to different casting materials and ingredients. It is mainly suitable for large, medium, and small cast iron, cast steel, alloy cast iron, nodular cast iron, and high manganese steel, copper, aluminum, etc.

Products are divided into the open riser sleeve, blind riser sleeve, oval, necked, torticollis and other categories, and corresponding riser caps can be provided. It can be suitable for molding on the mold plate or embedded in the mold after molding.

riser sleeve application

Features of Exothermic Insulating Riser Sleeve:

1. The user can produce more and heavier castings with the same weight of the molten metal, or reduce the melting amount of molten metal.

2. The user can reduce the volume of the casting mold or increase the number of castings by producing castings of the same weight, saving the cost of casting materials.

3. Users can reduce the size of the riser sleeve and reduce the cost of removing the riser sleeve by producing castings of the same weight.


1. Calculate the number of exothermic riser sleeves required according to the shape, material, and size of the casting.
2. Select the specifications according to the company’s riser sleeve performance and grade table.
3. Put the riser sleeve into the gating system according to the feeding process.
4. Inspection after physical casting to optimize the feeding process

Packaging and Storage:

1. Store in a special carton with a fixed position for horse pattern. There is a label that meets the regulations on the front of the carton, and it is packaged with transparent plastic film.
2. When transporting, it should be handled with care, avoid strong vibration, pay attention to moisture-proof and prevent damage.
3. The product should be stored indoors, do not get wet.