DPF Diesel Particulate Filter

PM2.5 is the chief culprit of haze weather, and it is harmful to the human body. Among them, diesel vehicle exhaust is one of the important sources of PM2.5, which mainly exists in the form of particulate matter (PM). Therefore, to reduce the frequency of smog, it is necessary to control vehicle exhaust emissions. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter is a kind of application. It is a treatment device for reducing particulate matter (PM) in diesel vehicle exhaust.


DPF is the abbreviation of Diesel Particulate Filter. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter is a particulate matter trap installed in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. It captures the deposited particulate matter through the surface and internal mixing filter device. The trapped particulate matter will be in the running process of the vehicle. In order to reduce the particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust gas of diesel vehicles, it belongs to the exhaust gas purification treatment device that discharges first and then collects.

DPF Diesel Particulate Filter working principle

The Working Principle of DPF Diesel Particulate Filter:

DPF diesel particulate filter mainly has three processes: empty particles, full particles, and particle reduction.
1. Particulate matter is empty:
Since there is no blockage of any particulate matter inside the DPF, the exhaust gas flow resistance is very low, and the normal operation of the engine will not be affected.
2. Full of particles:
With the continuous generation of particulate matter, the particulate matter trapped in the DPF gradually increases, which increases the exhaust gas resistance, and the fuel consumption and power of the engine are affected by the increase in exhaust back pressure.
3. Particulate matter reduction:
Diesel vehicle engines use ECU to control exhaust gas pressure sensors to monitor the internal pressure of the DPF. When the control unit in the engine monitors that the internal pressure of the DPF reaches a certain value, the exhaust gas will be difficult to discharge, which will greatly limit the power of the engine. And fuel economy. At this time, the control unit in the engine can perform the cleaning and reduction of particulate matter by itself. The particulate matter accumulated in the DPF is burned at high temperature, and finally oxidized into gas to be discharged, thereby achieving the role of cleaning the particulate matter trap.

DPF Specification:

ITEM Size Hole density
DPF 01 Dia 143.8*152.4mm 200
DPF 02 Dia 143.8*254mm 200
DPF 03 Dia 170*152.4mm 200
DPF 04 Dia 170*203mm 200
DPF 05 Dia 170*254mm 200
DPF 06 Dia 170*305mm 200
DPF 07 Dia 190.5*152.4mm 200
DPF 08 Dia 190.5*254mm 200
DPF 09 Dia 190.5*305mm 200
DPF 10 Dia 240*152.4mm 200
DPF 11 Dia 240*254mm 200
DPF 11 Dia 240*305mm 200

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