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Diesel Engine Particulate Filter

Diesel Engine Particulate Filter (DPF) is to collects the carbon particles in the exhaust first, and then concentrates them to a certain extent. Convert exhaust pollutants into pollution-free gas. Diesel particulate filter can effectively control the emission of solids in particulate matter, with an efficiency higher than 90%.


Diesel Engine Particulate Filter captures particulate emissions through the surface and internal mixing filter devices, such as diffusion precipitation or linear interception. The particles are continuously or periodically removed from the filter by heating regeneration.

Working Principle Diesel Particulate Filter:

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a porous honeycomb ceramic, which can be divided into silicon carbide DPF and cordierite DPF according to the material. When the diesel engine exhaust enters the DPF, the clean air (including HC, CO and other gases) will be discharged through the inner wall of the DPF through the adjacent channels; while the particulate matter PM (black smoke) in the exhaust will be trapped in the channels.

diesel particulate filter


Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is widely used in the elimination of black smoke particles in the exhaust of off-road internal combustion engines such as diesel engine vehicles, diesel generator sets and various construction machinery.


1. It is easy to install and improves the space utilization rate.
2. Self-regeneration through catalysis, which improves the regeneration cycle of DPF.
3. Excellent heat resistance and thermal shock resistance
4. The filtering effect of black smoke particles is relatively high, generally above 95%, which has reached the Euro V standard.

Product Parameter of Diesel Engine Particulate Filter:

No. Section Shape Specification holes / square inch No. Section Shape Specification   holes / square inch
1 cylinder Ø143.8*152.4 200 12 cylinder Ø240*240 200
2 cylinder Ø143.8*254 200 13 cylinder Ø240*254 200
3 cylinder Ø170*203 200 14 cylinder Ø267*203 200
4 cylinder Ø170*254 200 15 cylinder Ø267*254 200
5 cylinder Ø170*305 200 16 cylinder Ø267*305 200
6 cylinder Ø190.5*152.4 200 17 cylinder Ø286*203 200
7 cylinder Ø190.5*203 200 18 cylinder Ø286*254 200
8 cylinder Ø190.5*254 200 19 cylinder Ø286*305 200
9 cylinder Ø190.5*305 200 20 cylinder Ø305*305 200
10 cylinder Ø240*152.4 200 21 cylinder Ø330*254 200
11 cylinder Ø240*203 200 22 cylinder Ø330*305 200


Carton with wooden pallet or as required