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Diamond Manual Cutting

Diamond saw blade is used for cutting gray iron 250, 400 and nodular iron 450, 550, 600, applied to the cutting machine used by most foundry enterprises, and forcible entry units. The saw blade has lasting sharpness and long processing life, which greatly improves the product cost performance and reduces the processing cost for foundry enterprises.


Product Features:

• The diamond manual cutting has high grinding efficiency
• Long working life
• Minimal dust and odor
• Dimension maintenance and safety

Parameters of Diamond Manual Cutting:

Item Size Adaptive speed (RPM) Application
ZS 500 500*3.0*32 3300 Cast iron
ZS 400M 400*3.0*32 3600 Cast iron
ZS 400H 400*2.7*32 3600 Cast iron
ZD 400 400*2.7*32/25.4 3600 Cast iron
ZS 350 350*2.5*32/25.4 3800 Cast iron
ZS 300 300*2.0*25.4 4000 Cast iron
ZS 250 250*1.8*25.4 5500 Cast iron
ZS 230 230*1.8*25.4 6600 Cast iron
ZS 180 180*1.6*22.23 8600 Cast iron
ZS 100 100*1.2*16 12000 Cast iron

Application of Diamond Manual Cutting:

Diamond grinding disc are mainly applied in cast iron industry.

diamond manual cutting


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