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Customizable Vacuum Brazed Grinding Tools Diamond Burrs

Grinding head is a general term for small shank grinding tools, used in electric grinders, crane grinders, and hand drills. There are many types of grinding heads, mainly ceramic grinding heads, rubber grinding heads, diamond grinding heads, emery cloth grinding heads and so on.

Our company mainly produces and sells brazed diamond grinding heads.


The diamond burrs are a grinding tool with diamond alloy as the grinding body. The grinding bodies are fixed in the base at intervals, and the grinding bodies are also present on the grinding surface of the grinding head. The matrix of the diamond grinding head is made of adhesive material with certain toughness, and the grinding body is made of diamond alloy material.


Mainly used for grinding and cleaning the surface of cast iron parts such as gray iron and ductile iron.
Grinding cemented carbide and various abrasive tools.
It is used for cutting and polishing granite, basalt, limestone, dolomite, sandstone, marble and other stones, with fast polishing speed and long working hours.

brazed diamond burrs


The diamond grinding head has the characteristics of high grinding performance, simple manufacture and low cost, high grinding processing quality and being suitable for large-scale grinding processing.

Parameter of Diamond Burrs:

Structure Outer Diameter
Head Height
Total Length
Flat 18 25 6 56 30/40/50
20 18 6 40
22 30 10 56
Arc 15 32 12 60
16 32 6 60
18 32 6/8 60
20 32 6/10 60
25 32 6/10 60
Pointed 15 35 6 65
15 35 6 80
25 35 6/10 65