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Delivery of SIC Ceramic Foam filter

Sefu received an order from a Vietnamese cast iron customer for SIC ceramic foam filter. After receiving the order, Sefu factory arranged production according to the customer’s requirements. On December 20, the production of 10-pallet foam ceramic filters was completed. After the inspection department has inspected the products, the foam ceramic filters are packaged and shipped to Shanghai Port, and ready to be shipped from Shanghai Port to India.

sic ceramic foam filters

The ceramic foam filter has a unique three-dimensional connected curved pore network skeleton structure and an open porosity of 80% to 90%. It can efficiently filter out the large inclusions and most of the tiny suspended inclusions as small as tens of microns in the molten metal.

Compared with the fire-resistant fiber filter and the straight-hole honeycomb ceramic filter, it has the characteristics of high refractoriness, high strength, good filtering effect, and high filtering efficiency.

The SIC ceramic foam filter is mainly used in the filtration of high-temperature molten metal, the filtration of ductile iron/gray iron, and non-ferrous metals.